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Book your place for RISE Module 2 (Design Research). Recording of the 1st catch up session.

Hi folks, I hope all is well.

We have just finished the Module 1 (Catch-up session), thanks to all the participants. You can watch the replay here. The session was useful to familiarise with the MURAL platform and clarify how to best use the design templates.

We have scheduled our second online session - Conducting Design Research on Tuesday and you can reserve your place here.

Based on the feedback received in our first session, we have changed:

  1. the webinar platform - ZOOM offers a better user experince.

  2. The format of the session: you will join as a participant, no audio or video enabled. You can use the Chat, Raise your hand if you want to talk, or use the Q&A.

Attendee view

When I see you rising your hand, I will un-mute you so you can speak.

To be able to activate your camera I need to invite you to join as a panelist. I'll do this when you have to present or share something substantial with the enetire class.

Panelist view.

There are participants in the course that don't have a design challenge or opportunity to put through the design thinking process. It would make sense to form groups.

A goup could be formed by participants working in the same organisation, or simply people that want to work on the same project. Please use this part of the community to organise this.

On Tuesday we will introduce Module number two: Conducting Design Research.

I'd love to start the session by inviting some of you to share their work on the different templates we have introduced earlier this week. So, please have the work done.

Lastly, to make this course more participative and effective, I'm considering creating a dedicated mural for every project we develop in this course. If you like the Idea, please leave a comment below and I'll create one for you! 
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Hello Stefano.

I finally got a camera and sound setup sorted for the computer. I think the mural idea is a good one. I haven't had a chance to do anything on the homework front, but I have cleared time schedules for the rest of the course, so it shouldn't be a problem. If not too late, I am available this morning. All the best. Ollie.


Aisling Nelson
Aisling Nelson

Hi Stefano - I'm just seeing your proposal now to create individual murals for each participant or those with a project to work on. I think that would be a brilliant idea. I'm sure that it would be really helpful to the project person as well as those offering to develop their ideas. It would be a great way to hear more about the enterprises that are being explored. Sounds like a lot of extra work for you though - so thanks in advance if you do this for us :-)

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