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Navigating Uncertainty: Leadership Strategies for Entrepreneurial Success (without the burnout!)

We invite you to join us on Wednesday, the 27th of March, for a productive working breakfast session with Sharon Redmond, an EMCC-accredited Leadership and Personal Development Coach at It promises to be an insightful and enriching experience you won't to miss.

Sharon Redmond talk at The Edge

During this session, Sharon will be sharing her expertise on effective leadership strategies and personal development techniques. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in interactive discussions, ask questions, and gain valuable insights that can be applied to their own professional and personal lives. Join us for a morning of learning, growth, and networking.

Sharon's talk is aimed at entrepreneurs and startups and is geared towards how we lead ourselves as entrepreneurs and the mindset shift from employee to entrepreneur.

Sharon will cover the following points in her talk:

Vision - our WHY as Entrepreneurs - Why are we in business for ourselves at all? Why bother? What is the vision for our business and what are our values, do we as leaders understand what drives us?

Navigating Uncertainty: Adaptability, resilience & mental toughness - knowing how to navigate uncertainty and change and being resilient is crucial. We need to be able to manage the highs and lows that come with running a business!

Strategies for Success: Continuous learning, skill development & strategic partnerships- The importance of having a growth mindset, being open to continuous learning and how a key component in being a successful entrepreneur lies in having the right people around us and learning to ask for support!

About Sharon:

Accredited by the European Mentorship and Coaching Council and having studied with industry-leading experts in both Ireland and the US, Sharon has over 20 years of performance management and coaching experience.

Founder and principal consultant at i-Coach, her mission is to use coaching for transformation, unlocking clients’ potential to enhance performance and success.

Working with individuals and teams in often complex organisations, she helps clients to achieve confidence to negotiate, gain clarity in identifying goals and to find their voice at work. Sharon has first-hand experience with the importance of a growth mindset in building personal resilience and understands the pressure and stresses that can lead to a feeling of being cul-de-sac and not reaching your full potential.

She guides clients to build confidence and equips them with a step-by-step results-oriented toolkit to help them get unstuck, identify achievable goals and reach their best possible outcome.

A regular contributor to podcasts, radio and conferences, Sharon’s clients include NHS Clinical Nurse Educators, legal professionals, board directors, and MBA graduates.

What clients have to say about Sharon:

“I was struggling to get my career progressing as my confidence (or lack thereof) had held me back. Thanks to Sharon’s coaching and self-reflection my career is progressing faster than

anticipated. I have learned to respect myself and I believe in my abilities as a skilled and senior


-NHS Clinical Nurse Educator

“I felt stuck and could not figure out what next steps to take. Sharon was exactly what I needed. Her expertise and personable approach helped me to break through my limitations and envision how to reach the next level.”

-Executive Client

“Converting plans to action and dealing with procrastination was my bane, and she hit that

thought out. Clear, concise, and approachable, small wins and celebrating achievements. As

long as it's forward and you’re moving.”

-Business Owner.

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