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Harness the power of your subconscious mind with hypnosis to overcome impostor syndrome and limiting beliefs

Have you ever considered the significance and influence of the subconscious mind?

At our next working breakfast, we're thrilled to have Nadija Bajrami unravel the mysteries of the subconscious mind. This topic holds the keys to unlocking our fullest potential in our private and business lives.

Nadija, a renowned multi-award-winning hypnotherapist, will delve deep into why our subconscious mind is much more than a silent partner in our mental framework; it's the architect behind many of our beliefs and behaviours. She will explore its pivotal role in shaping how we perceive ourselves and the world around us, shedding light on why it’s crucial to understand this hidden aspect of our psyche.

Moreover, Nadija promises to take us beyond mere theory. She’ll share transformative techniques to reprogram your subconscious mind, aimed at those battling impostor syndrome or hindered by limiting beliefs. Imagine rewiring your brain's circuitry to not only believe in your capabilities but also amplify them!

This session will be a profound journey into self-empowerment through mastering your unseen ally—the subconscious mind. Don’t miss this opportunity to unlock doors you didn’t even know were closed.

Nadia will explain how the use of hypnosis can help change the old outdated subconscious programmes which no longer serve you and even hinder you, and how hypnosis helps replace those programmes by new more optimized ones which will contribute to your personal and professional growth and expansion.

Nadija will also discuss a few techniques to supercharge your subconscious mind to help you overcome limiting beliefs and unleash your true potential. It's all about weeding out the soil of your subconscious mind, making it fertile and then planting new seeds of change to help you become truly unstoppable!

Nadija will explain the process of hypnosis as a tool for accessing the subconscious mind, which is often more susceptible to suggestion than our conscious mind. Just like a gardener tending to their garden, removing weeds and planting new seeds for better growth, hypnosis works by eliminating those deep-seated beliefs and behaviours that no longer serve us, referred to here as weeds. These could be fears, habits, or thought patterns developed over the years but are now obstacles to our growth.

By using specific techniques under hypnosis—such as visualization, direct suggestion, and positive reinforcement—Nadija aims to remove these limiting beliefs.

Once the old behavioursvisualisation are uprooted from the subconscious soil of your mind, she then introduces new suggestions. These suggestions act like seeds planted in fertile ground; they are ideas and beliefs aligned with personal success and empowerment.

Do not miss our next working breakfast; it promises to be a mind-enhancing experience. Reserve your spot now.

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