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Tuesdays RISE - online Training Sessions

Last week we moved the RISE programme online and let me tell you it wasn’t an easy decision to make.

Entrepreneurship is about resilience, not giving up despite unforeseen events as an outbreak occur. 

We could call it off, saying to ourselves ‘online is not the same as in person, it is not worth the effort.’

But we didn’t, actually we speeded things up. 

We are not only creating a fresh training programme for social enterprise centred on design thinking, creativity and innovation, (which is awesome) but we are pushing the envelop further by bringing it online.

In the next few days we all (I believe) will have forced time home, which will help to stop the bug spreading. As part of my family is over in Italy, for the last few weeks I lived their situation closely, and we must take this seriously. 

It’s up to us then how we will use this time. Being safe and looking after our families is the definite priority, and I wanted to let you know that the RISE programme will not stop and you can be part of it if you can. 

Today we had another team meeting and made Tuesday next week (the 24th of March) as the first online session for anyone registered for the RISE programme despite their chosen location. If you didn’t book it yet, reserve your place here

We decided on another important change.

As online learning follows somehow a faster delivery, we will cut the 12 weeks into 6, with an online training session every Tuesday, rather than every second Tuesday. 

As I mentioned in the last email, we will inform you as soon as we will be ready for the coaching part of the course

My apologies for all the changes occurred to the RISE programme. In the good spirit of design, we are adapting and learning by doing; we hope that it’s all for a better experience.

Till soon and stay safe.

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Stefano Messori
Stefano Messori
Mar 18, 2020

Hi Aisling,

Thanks for your constant support and motivation - it makes all the difference. I'm loving working with the Partas' team, I saw a lot of stamina in their people.

The team is willing and eager to learn about the online platforms we will use for the training and mentoring, and I'm sure they will rock!

Guys, we will pull this through - not only we will learn about design, creativity and innovation for social enterprise but in the process with support, participation and hard work we will create something beautiful together.

Let's make this happen.


Aisling Nelson
Aisling Nelson
Mar 18, 2020

Fair play Stefano; everything you say is true and inspiring. Thanks to all the team for finding a workaround to connect us together to learn in a new way. The course and new community is something positive to look forward to!

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