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The Edge a new Coworking and office space in Dublin

After a bit of an effort and multiple attempts, I’m finally happy to share with you guys the official video introducing the Edge, a new coworking space here in Dublin.

The Edge - Coworking Dublin and office space

The Edge is still under construction, and I wanted to create and share a video picturing the feeling and the experience we want to create here at the Edge.

There is no point for me saying that the Edge will be a cool place to work and socialise (obviously it will be), but I love showing you this short clip and asking the story and the narrative that conveys you.

I’d like you to see beyond the stock videos that I’ve used to simulate the coworking space (it will not be the same walls or desks, but it’s a good approximation) and share if it’s something that feels like you or not.

What makes a coworking space right for you? What are you looking for and value the most? I might have an idea about it, what’s yours?

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