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The Edge Dublin (Alpha)

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

I can't believe that even Jeff Bezos (founder of Amazon) back in 1994 started from a single desk.

Pictures have the power of reminding us where we come from, and the hard work needed to set up something that matters.

Our co-working space here in Dublin will not be ready for another few months, meanwhile, we want to provide professionals looking for office space with a temporary solution.

Let’s call it The Edge (Alpha).

Why Alpha? Well, we are not ready for Beta yet!

In product development the Alpha stage occurs when the founder engages and learn from potential users/customers about their needs.

And here it is - just set up this morning, an office turned in a mini co-working space able to accommodate up to four people.

The Edge Dublin (Alpha)

We could have waited for the works to be finished, when everything is shiny and new, but no, we want to experiment, to learn and refine our offering by co-creating an offer with early adopters.

Are you looking for a co-working space, a hot desk for a day or a week in Dublin and willing to try the Edge Alpha?

During this Alpha phase we will only charge a nominal fee, it will be a new adventure both for us and for you, if you will give it a go. 

Drop me a message in the live chat bubble if you want to discover more about the Edge Alpha, or drop an email at

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