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Rise Module 1 (catch up session) Friday at 9:00

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Hi guys,

Ok so, as promised from my post yesterday, we have organised a session on Friday from 9am to 12 am. Participation is voluntary.

This training session is for everyone that wasn't able to take part fully during Tuesday's session for technical problems.

Everyone in need to familiarise more with the MURAL platform or requiring clarifications about the different templates is welcome to join.

In this session we will: 1. Introduce a basic guide to the MURAL platform. 2. Clarify the Design Thinking templates, as we rush through them during the last session. 3. Answer any question you might have about the RISE programme and the content. We have switched to ZOOM webinars (can't really get better than this). Even though the software to attend will be downloaded automatically when joining the webinar, you can still download it here.  

This session will be also an occasion for me to familiarise with ZOOM Webinars as I haven't use it before, so please bear with me. Friday's session is a great opportunity to connect more and to share what we might have missed on Tuesday. The format will be a webinar (you are all muted) and there are both a chat and Q&A. I will invite everyone of you as a presenter when you have something to share. Let's come together once again and make this work! Please remember to wear headphones when invited to speak and using a mouse helps with MURAL. Register for the session here.

My laptop is still rendering the recording of yesterday's session (its 4 hours long) and I'll share that with you. Friday's session will be recorded, and I'll make it available to you. Let's do this... together. 

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