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RISE, let's make it happen - Tuesday the 31st.

Hi guys, I hope you are well. Let's finally get started with the RISE Training programme with an online session on Tuesday, the 31st of March!

In this first module, we will introduce the overall RISE programme and the online tools we will use. My advice is for the people that already attended the first and only (for now) face-to-face class in Tallaght to attend this event, as there is a lot to learn in terms of digital skills. What are we going to cover in this first session?

First, we are going to giving you some context about the RISE programme - the who? The why? And the what? Second, we will familiarise with MURAL an online app enabling remote creative collaboration. If you haven't yet, please give MURAL a go and introduce yourself with this presentation game. Then, David will introduce to the work of social entrepreneurs and how it differs from conventional business operandi. After that, we will investigate about the right mood/space for design thinking.

We will end our session with the templates you need to start your design thinking project. You will have all the week to work on those.

The following session will start by sharing our work on the templates with the class.

If you want to jump forward, you can start working on the templates. Go to my online programme: the Design Thinking Process, join Creativity Labs and I'll enroll in the course free of charge.

Also, we set up a community for this programme and we would love you join it and introduce yourself to it. For those of you that haven't registered for the live event yet, you can do it here. I'll see you there at 9 am. Stay safe.

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