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RISE first session

Hi guys, thanks all of you that joined the live session today, you made it happen! I'm impressed with all your experience and work. What an amazing group of people to work with. There have been technical issues through all the duration of the session, and I sincerely apologise to everyone for this.

As we are learning by doing here, and we are determined to achieve excellence, we are going to:
Switch to ZOOM, which should be a much more reliable platform.
Run a session on Friday morning for all of you that: were unable to take part fully, want to learn more about the MURAL platform or the templates, or just have doubts/questions.

I'm editing the four hours long recording of today's session (thankfully is good quality and very clear), this will allow you to take it again and skip to the parts that interest you more. I've received emails from participants interested in knowing more about the other people in the programme. Please write a post here with your bio in case you didn't do it already. I'm amazed by the level of participations and interactions during the session today (abut 450 chat messages!). As the time was running out at the end I flew through the presentation of the templates. You can find my course here with all the videos and downloadable templates. I'll update you folks tomorrow about the webinar recording and our session on Friday. For questions, please use the comment field below. Keep rocking!

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