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Register for our social evening on the 28th of June - From industrial design to design thinking.

Hi folks, ready to learn how design can help you create a successful business?

The Edge applied Design thinking

While we are all, to some extent, familiar with the word design, I hear time and time again the following questions:

What is design? How did it evolve? Should I use design in my business?

Join us on the 28th of June for an open discussion about design and how it can help entrepreneurs refine their ideas and business models by focusing on their user needs.

The Edge Design thinking

This social evening is open to anyone interested in entrepreneurship and startups, but booking is required.

These events at The Edge are also an opportunity to network with other creative people, exchange ideas and opinions and grow together by sharing our journeys and stories as people trying to change things for the better.

Following Herbert Simons' (Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences) definition of design - design is to devise courses of action aimed at changing existing situations into preferred ones; as entrepreneurs, we are designers.

Join us on the 28th of June for a great chat about design and how to embed it into your journey to become a successful entrepreneur.

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