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Financial planning for entrepreneurs with Simone McCann & Keith Dundon

Updated: Feb 8

Join our working breakfast on Wednesday, February 21st with Simone McCann in an engaging talk that demystifies financial planning, equipping you with the knowledge and strategies to secure your financial future while optimising your business's fiscal health.

Learn how to be auto-enrollment ready and gain the confidence and clarity needed to thrive in the ever-changing world of finance.

She has simplified the complicated financial planning landscape into comprehensible lessons that offer applicable knowledge and practical approaches to secure your future financially.

This engaging presentation goes beyond stuttering jargon; it enlightens you and provides clarity on being autoenrollment-ready, the fundamentals of a sound financial plan ie income protection - retirement planning and investment options.

Simone is dedicated to helping safeguard your wealth and optimising your business's fiscal health. Her commitment is to empower you by building confidence and equipping you with current insights needed to succeed in a world where finance rules constantly change.

Keith Dundon, SYS Group's Corporate Solutions Director, will be attending and will chat about corporate pension saving investments and the protection market. He is fully attuned to critical trends and changes within the landscape and will share valuable information and important insights. He will highlight the key areas in focus and opportunities for you and your business through employee benefits solutions, director & executive solutions and business solutions.

Reserve your spot and leap ahead knowing how to develop resilience in fluctuating economic environments through proactive financial strategies delivered during this transformative session with one of the leading voices in finance!

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