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RISE Module 2 Recording and announcements

Hi folks, thanks for your participation in yesterday's session, it has been awesome 🚀

You can watch the webinar/training session replay here.

As the video is four hours long, find an outline of the content.

Regarding announcements (go to minute 20).

Groups: discover more about course participants here and please use this section to offer help or propose a collaboration in your project.

Friday Catch-ups: please register here for Friday catch-up session.

Project Mural: use the comment thread below is you would like me to set up a mural for your project and I'll in touch with you. You can access and work anonymously on the Poster mural and the Persona mural.

Mentoring: it's up to you to contact with David and me to organise one-to-one mentoring sessions.

Coaching: please make sure you are assigned to a coach, you should have received emails from them already. If not, please let me know that I'll make contact with them.

You can download the slides used for the session:

Cheers 😁

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