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Submit you feedback for the RISE programme & recording of the last catch-up session.

Hi folks, what a journey!

We have reached the last session of the RISE programme, here's the recording.

In this catch-up session we have talked about the philosophy behind design thinking which supports the design process.

Thank you for your contribution to the course. Your suggestions and tips have been essential for the creation of future running of the RISE programme.e.

We have learned by doing here; we are grateful to have found such an amazing group of people willing to take the time to share their knowledge, experiences and lean together.

We are looking forward to hear your feedback about the course, please take the time to fill this quick survey here (five minutes). If you have questions about the course, please use the comment area below. We are looking forward to meet again for a last session where we will share our work in using design to foster our social enterprises. Take care and stay safe.

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