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Join our working breakfast with Matt Burke, founder of the Magic Minds podcast & Foundation.

Join us on the 13th of September at 10 a.m. for a working breakfast with Matt Burke, creator and presenter of the Magic Minds podcast & Foundation.

I met Matt a few months ago as he was invited here at The Edge as a guest on the Feel Real podcast by the founders of the Sister Sheds, Sherin and Rachel Hughes.

After a quick chat with Matt, I invited him to come along to one of our working breakfasts and inspire us by sharing his journey from a humble start to become the host of the Liberties' number-one podcast, an inspirational keynote speaker and the author of “My head to my heart” which is a mindfulness and gratitude activity journal.

Breakfast Networking @The Edge: We organize regular breakfast networking events where entrepreneurs and startups can share knowledge, experiences, and advice.

These events can feature guest speakers, panel discussions, and opportunities for attendees to connect and collaborate.

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