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Create the fundamentals to grow your Company with Ilaria Eugenia Ferri

Updated: Jan 2

Join us on Wednesday, the 24th of January, for The Edge's first event of 2024.

I recently met Ilaria here at The Edge and immediately asked her to share her expertise, which is vital for entrepreneurs and start-ups. Ilaria is the brain behind IlariaEugenia Virtual Assistant (soon to be Organise your business day).

With 17 years of experience as a top-level Executive Assistant, she has channelled her passion for business management, events, and operations into her own company. Ilaria is also the "Winner of the Virtual Assistant of the Year 2023 Award"!

Ilaria helps busy business owners reclaim their time by tackling admin tasks and streamlining processes. In 2024, Ilaria and her team plan on guiding business owners in transitioning from running a business to running their own company.

Ilaria's talk on the 24th of January will delve into various important points regarding entrepreneurship and business ownership.

To begin with, she will explore the distinction between being a business owner and an entrepreneur, shedding light on each role's unique qualities and characteristics. Additionally, Ilaria will address common areas for improvement that arise when individuals embark on starting their businesses. This will serve as valuable guidance for those who are currently in the process of establishing their ventures or considering doing so in the future.

Furthermore, the concept of time will be explored, questioning whether we all genuinely have the same number of hours in a day. This topic will provide insights into time management strategies and how entrepreneurs can optimize their schedules to maximize productivity and efficiency.

Another crucial aspect that Ilaria will touch upon is the phenomenon known as "capping to growth." She will explain why some businesses fail to progress beyond a certain point, typically after 5 or 6 years of operation, despite initial success. Understanding this phenomenon is essential for entrepreneurs seeking sustained growth and long-term success.

Moreover, Ilaria will emphasise delegating tasks and responsibilities as a crucial step in transitioning from merely owning a business to effectively running a company. This delegation lightens the workload and allows entrepreneurs to focus on strategic decision-making and overall business growth.

Establishing transparent processes and procedures will also be highlighted during Ilaria's talk. By laying down the fundamentals and creating well-defined systems, entrepreneurs can ensure smooth operation and growth even in their absence. This aspect is vital for building sustainable businesses that can thrive independently of the owner's constant supervision.

Lastly, Ilaria will discuss the evolution of an entrepreneur's role and responsibilities as their business expands. Moving from a Chief Of Everything (COE) position to a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) role requires a shift in mindset and skill set. She will offer valuable insights into how entrepreneurs can successfully navigate this transition and effectively lead their growing companies.

Overall, Ilaria's talk promises to be an enlightening and empowering experience for aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners, providing valuable insights, practical strategies, and inspiration to take their ventures to new heights.

Reserve your place here, I'll see you there :)

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