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Calliope-Interpreters @The Edge

We are thrilled to have Alexandra Hambling as our member at The Edge. Alexandra is an Interpreter and Consultant part of the Calliope group, a unique, global network of interpretation service providers.

Alexandra hosted the Calliope-Interpreters General Assembly 2023 at The Edge.

Here is a short video of the event:

I've asked for some feedback from the Calliope team, and I've received these words:

Calliope Interpreters was delighted to hold its General Assembly at The Edge. The facilities were excellent and the hospitality was superb. We would recommend The Edge as a meeting venue without a second thought.

If you are scheduling a meeting, running a workshop or looking for a filming/podcasting or recording room, the Black Box is a great resource.

Drop me an email or schedule a visit, and I'll gladly give you a tour of our fantastic premises.

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