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RISE - AMA (Webinar Recording) Live the 20/02/20

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

Hi guys, great vibes in our first live webinar yesterday!

Thanks all of you that joined us live for your questions and participation, for those that didn't make it, the recording is here :)

The webinar is one hour long. You can watch all of it or skip directly to the section you want.

Here is the timing for the different topics we have covered in the webinar:

7:30 - Webinar outline

8:40 - The context of RISE Programme

13:40 - Commitment, duration & Logistics

21:37 - Training, labs & mentoring

30:30 - The six training modules

42:00 - Questions & conclusion

Please use the comment box below for questions about the training programme.

Also, you can download the manual documenting social enterprise failures (part of the European project 'Realities in Social Enterprise'), and a copy of the webinar slides.

I'll share further material in the upcoming posts.

As I mentioned yesterday, it would be awesome if you could introduce yourself and your work in the community.

I'll see you there :)

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