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Register for RISE 3rd module + recordings of Friday's catch-up session

Hi folks,

Let me thank Jackie and Niamh from North Side Partnership for their engagement in today's catch up session. You can see the replay here.

Are you ready for RISE training module 3 - Creativity and Innovation? I'm so looking forward to it.

In module 3 we are transitioning from observation (research - which we introduced on Tuesday) to the ideation phase.

Design Thinking Process

I've added some new lessons to the second module of the Design Thinking Process programme. I would suggest you to have a look at the user journey mapping video, which is an example of applying it to the healthcare sector.

If you would like to have a dedicated Mural for your project, please use the comment field below and I'll be in touch to set it up with you.

If you would like the idea to collaborate on a design project with another participant, please post it here. Not only you enrich the skill-set available to your project, also you will learn about the organisational implication of running a design project.

I wish you all a peaceful Easter time with your families.

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